Corrective Procedures

Hair Transplant Repair Options

Hair transplant repair procedures are carried out at our Harley Street surgical centre in London. We use state-of-the-art FUE and FUT hair transplant repair techniques, combined with Scalp Micro Pigmentation treatment to achieve the best visual outcome.

The success of a corrective procedure largely depends on the extent of repair and available donor hair needed for the revision. Scalp Micro Pigmentation can further enhance the look of density and camouflage unsightly scarring.

At our Harley Street clinic in London, our highly experienced team are able to offer you a range of surgical and non-surgical solutions that are best suited to your individual case. If you have endured a poor hair transplant procedure, fear not, we have many repair options available. 


  • Visually improves poor density and graft placement
  • Corrects unsightly FUT scars with trichophytic closure or FUE
  • Repairs old plug graft hair transplant surgeries
  • Softens unnatural pluggy hairlines with fine calibre hairs
  • Visually improves FUE over-harvesting with SMP treatment
  • Simple aftercare and minimal downtime recovery

Hair Transplant Repair in London

To see if you are a suitable candidate for revision, please contact our Harley Street clinic today for more information. We offer expert, impartial advice that you can trust, tailored to your individual needs.

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