Corona Virus Update (COVID-19)


As we reopen our clinic the safety of our patients and staff is our highest priority, and we have implemented many changes to ensure we are a fully COVID-secure clinic.

All patients are kindly asked to fill out a patient pre-screening questionnaire and inform us immediately if they believe they have the symptoms of COVID-19.

When arriving at our clinic on Harley Street all patients are asked to ring the ‘Westminster Hair Clinic’ intercom box to gain entry to the building.

Once inside, a member of our team will greet you and take you to a private room to respect social distancing rules. Please wear a facial covering and sanitise your hands using the disinfection stand.

Although it is customary to shake hands with our clients, please note we will be performing a simple ‘Namaste style greeting’ with both palms placed together to minimise physical contact for safety.

As a medical practice, the safety and well-being of our patients and team members is essential. Westminster Medical Group has always strived to practice in a manner consistent with Infection and Disease Control and Prevention in accordance with the CQC and WHO guidelines.

We are fully committed to adhering to these high standards and have introduced even stricter measures of sanitisation and disinfection, which include:

1. Increased anti-viral and bacteria cleaning for all facilities, consultation rooms, and workspaces.

2. Pre-screening all visiting patients via email, text, phone, and again in office.

3. Monitoring the health status of all of our team members on a daily basis.

4. All team members are travelling privately and not via public transport to and from the clinic.

5. All patients and consultation clients must wear a protective face covering or mask when in attendance.



At Westminster Medical Group we are closely monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in London and have given the situation a lot of thought on how to best mitigate the risk at our Harley Street hair transplant clinic. A full risk assessment has been conducted and all actions have been implemented effect of immediately. 

From Monday 23rd March all hair restoration consultations will be conducted via video link to help minimise unnecessary travel and the movement of people in London.

If you are interested in hair restorative treatment and would like to talk to a specialist, we offer Skype, FaceTime and WhatsApp consultations by request. Please phone us on: 020 3239 3378 or email: info@wmglondon.com to arrange a suitable date and time for you.

The safety of our patients, visitors, and medical staff is of utmost importance to us here at Westminster Medical Group. We are very grateful to our pending consultations and surgical bookings for their patience and understanding during this period.

The World Health Organisation explains more about the Coronavirus and the precautions you can take to protect yourself in this short video: 


COVID-19 Updates

For the latest government news and advice on the Coronavirus please see:


If you or someone you know has the symptoms of COVID-19, which includes cough, high temperature & shortness of breath please read:


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