Dr. Richard Rogers

Dr. Rogers is fully registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) registration number: 3454121, and is a Fellow and founding member of the Trichological Society (TTS).

He was one of the first generation of doctors to learn strip micrograft hair transplant surgery, replacing the more primitive technique of punch grafting only a few years prior. Since then, Dr. Rogers’ career has mirrored the ever-improving standards of modern hair transplantation, including leading the way in many areas and contributing worldwide to the state-of-the-art knowledge.

Dr. Rogers was the first to introduce FUE (Follicular Unit Excision) into the UK in 2003, as well as the trichophytic closure technique for FUT during the same year.

Dr. Rogers has been in much demand over his career, appearing first on the Bravo channel in 1998 and many times since, from radio, TV and print media. Most recently, he has been on the Chris Evans Breakfast Show as his mystery expert and Simon Mayo Drivetime show as a hair specialist for the “Homework of the Day” slot. More formally, he has presented original research – ‘Asymmetric Hair Loss in Men’ to his peers, both at the Zurich European Hair Conference and to the Trichological Society.

Dr. Rogers’ article in the ISHRS Hair Transplant Forum journal was recommended as the most “practice changing” suggestion by the editor Dr Bertram Ng.

Over the years, Dr. Rogers has been in demand by many clinics, and is one of the few hair transplant doctors who is available for training other doctors in the field, and offering in-house training for hair technicians.


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