FUE Beard Transplant

Beard Hair Restoration

The FUE beard transplant is a minor procedure performed under local anaesthetic at our Harley Street hair transplant clinic in London. During the procedure, suitable hair follicles are selected from your donor region at the back of your head, which is genetically resistant to balding. These hairs are re-implanted one by one to create your new facial hair.

The FUE beard technique uses a custom punch, less than 1mm in diameter, to isolate hair grafts from your safe zone donor region. Once suitable hairs are obtained, they are trimmed under high magnification to a uniform size prior to being implanted into your recipient area.

We will shave your hair at the back and sides for the FUE extraction process, leaving your hair longer on top, if so desired. Typically, most men strategically get a fade hair cut prior to their procedural date.

At our Harley Street clinic in London we are able to design your preferred beard, goatee or moustache, taking into account your facial features and current hair growth.

You can expect to see your beard growth at 6-12 months post op, with continued maturation up to 18 months until the final result.


  • Minimally invasive, no sutures or stitches needed
  • Improves the density of sparse or patchy beards
  • Visually improves trauma or Acne scarring
  • FUE is best for cherry picking suitable hairs for the beard
  • Simple aftercare and minimal downtime recovery

FUE Beard transplant surgery in London, UK

To see if FUE beard transplant surgery is suitable for you, please contact our Harley Street clinic today for more information. We offer expert, impartial advice that you can trust, tailored to your individual needs.

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