The Future King’s battle against baldness!

Prince William has been battling with hair loss for the best part of his 20’s, and has only recently decided to shave it all off at the age of 35 years old.

Embracing baldness exerts confidence by letting others know that you are not trying to hide your thinning hair. When one shaves their hair this can either be a liberating experience or a total shock to the system when the full extent of the loss is revealed.

With the many hair-loss solutions available today, the Prince could have benefited from either surgical hair restoration, Scalp Pigmentation treatment or even a medical solution. Perhaps the future King will consider one of these treatment options in time to come, as Prince Harry is reported to be spending £50,000 on a hair transplant following the royal wedding in May.

At Westminster Medical Group we offer tailored treatment plans for Hair Transplant surgery, Scalp Pigmentation treatment and the various hair-loss medical solutions available to help win the battle against balding.

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