Your Treatment Day

Your treatment day will take place at our homely hair transplant facility located in the Harley Street medical district. We are close to all major train stations, including London Euston, Kings Cross, Marylebone and Paddington station. We can even help arrange transport and accommodation for you on request. 

When you are arrive at our Harley Street Clinic you’ll have a pre operative meeting with your hair restoration surgeon before your procedure commences. Our surgeon will talk you through the day ahead, explaining each step and answer any further questions you may have.

Following your pre-op consultation with the doctor, you will be introduced to our Harley Street surgical team. They will ensure you are thoroughly at ease in our relaxing theatre environment. Wearing comfortable trousers and a loose button-up shirt makes the experience feel more homely.

During the day you’ll be able to watch a film, surf your mobile device and have a snooze shortly after lunch whilst the procedure is carried out. Our patients are often surprised at how pleasant the overall hair transplant experience is as you really are the centre of everyone’s attention and care on the day.

Once your hairs have been planted, we will provide you with a post op kit and after-care instructions for the days ahead. It’s highly important you follow your surgeon’s instructions to look after your new hair. We encourage you to stay in touch with the team and ask anything which may crop up during the recovery period.

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